The Cube Navigation System (CNS) is an innovative navigation system for the intuitive & precise navigation of thin instruments in image guided interventions.

The Problem

Image guided navigation of thin instruments is commonly done in a trial & error free-hand method. This can be time-consuming, inaccurate and radiation intense, especially if a double-oblique access route is warranted.

The Solution

The Medial Templates Cube Navigation System combines an intelligent planning software with a single use, sterile guidance device. A simple, revolutionary solution for image guided interventions. – currently using CT, soon C-Arms.

Our Navigation systems


For pain therapy

In order to ensure effective pain treatment, maximum precision is required when injecting the drug. With the Access Cube, the active substance can be administered precisely: faster, with fewer control scans and with more consistent results.


For large needle interventions

The Access Cube not only helps to navigate the needle with millimeter precision, but also holds it in place after insertion. And since double-oblique access routes are just as easy to implement, you can really choose the access that is best for the patient.

The Puncture Cube in 1 Minute


Pain Therapy

In pain treatment, hitting the target perfectly to inject the drug is paramount. The Puncture Cube helps you to deliver with precision: Faster, with fewer control scans and more consistent results.

Needle Biopsies

For a successful needle biopsy, reaching the target site – be it a lesion or nodule – is key for a successful diagnosis and treatment. The Puncture Cube not only helps to navigate the needle with millimeter precision, but also holds it in place once it is inserted. And because double oblique access paths are just as easy, you can really choose the access that is best for the patient.

Interventional Oncology

Be it RF & microwave ablations, cryotherapy, laser induced thermotherapy, irreversible electroporation or vertebroplasties – the Puncture Cube helps to get the tools to the target site and keep them there during the procedure.

How it works

1. Place

Place the Puncture Cube over target region

2. Scan

Scan the patient with a standard planning scan

3. Register

The software detects the cube automatically in the
planning scan

4. Target

Use the software to target the virtual needle

5. Puncture

Move the needle through the holes highlighted by the software

Why USE OUR Cube Systems?

Medical Advantages

3D-guidance makes double oblique interventions possible

  • Double oblique interventions
  • Consistent results allow for better planning
  • Sterile & single use: easy and safe handling
  • Safety for beginners, speed for experts

Expert Opinions

“Would you use the device in daily practice?”
10 “Yes” out of 10 experts

Financial Advantages

No investment, pay per use, works in low- and high-volume centers

  • Offload planning to MTRA – do more procedures per day
  • No investment, no modifications to CT scanner – simply install & connect software through DICOM interface with PACS
  • Flexible model: Pay-per-procedure or buy software

Try it out!

Swiss Site?

Puncture Cube is available for Swiss hospitals and private practices on a limited soft release basis.

Outside Switzerland?

We are looking for interested partners (interventionists, distributors, …) outside Switzerland to bring the Puncture Cube to your country!