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For the Interventional Radiologists of tomorrow

Interventional radiology is a rapidly growing field, driven by demand from oncology and an increase in the use of minimally-invasive procedures.


Due to an overall staff shortage, well-trained junior staff are more often relied on to perform complex procedures. Universities and teaching hospitals are under pressure to provide adequate training to prepare future IRs.

Today’s educators rely on their wealth of experience, but technology plays an increasingly important role in training. The Cube Navigation System is one such solution: it provides a navigation aid for CT-guided punctures such as biopsies, ablations and drainages - all common IR procedures that require a high amount of dexterity and experience to perform successfully.

The Cube Navigation System can assist novices with mastering more complex procedures and help them gain essential skills, such as performing double-angled trajectories.

Consisting of a needle guidance device made smart with with planning software, the Cube Navigation System is simple to install and can be learned in minutes.

A valuable tool in training, the Cube Navigation System can help junior staff gain essential experience without sacrificing quality, and providing peace of mind for the trainers.

We offer special programs for educational institutions.

Contact us for further information.

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