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MEDICAL TEMPLATES wins GE Healthcare's HealthVentureLab accelerator

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

After four intensive sprints at the HealthVentureLab Accelerator powered by GE Healthcare & EIT Health, Medical Templates AG managed to convince the expert jury and win in the “Most promising startup for GE Healthcare” category out of more than 100 applicants.

Over the course of the accelerator, Medical Templates not only showed the clear value their solution has for interventional procedures, but also how their technology is an ideal fit for GE Healthcare and their portfolio.

Matches have been identified along the whole development roadmap of Medical Templates and in multiple business units of GE Healthcare, starting with compatibility of its system with GE CT-scanners, over applications in interventional X-Ray, and future applications using MR and PET-CT. As image guided interventions with thin instruments is a quickly growing market, following a general trend towards less invasive procedures, the fit with GE Healthcare is clear:

“I clearly see the clinical need and fit with GE Healthcare”. Prof. Dr. Mathias Goyen, CMO, GE Healthcare EMEA

Beyond the clinical and technical match with GE Healthcare’s current portfolio, Medical Templates also convinced the sales team on the ground of the disruptive potential of its technology:

“This is so disruptive, when you bring this to market, there will be no more competition“ Barnabas Nagy, Sales Specialist Interventional X-Ray, GE Healthcare

Medical Templates develops and commercializes The Cube Navigation System, a faster-than-free-hand navigation system for image guided interventions with thin instruments, such as biopsies, ablations, drainages, pain therapy, and more. The patented system consists of single-use, sterile instrument guides made intelligent by Medical Templates’ proprietary algorithms and the imaging power of the modality (CT, Cone-Beam, MR, …). Only having the mass-produced instrument guides as physical component, the system is extremely simple to deploy and scale globally. This, combined with a per-procedure, operation-budget-only business model that is priced on clinical value created, makes Medical Templates an attractive target to global players as a hyper-scalable business proposition. Once integrated with their modalities’ software, deploying it to the entire installation base is a single software-update.

Medical Templates is looking forward to further explore this collaboration with GE Healthcare under the continued support of the HealthVentureLab Team.

For further information, please reach out to or call us at +41 43 508 85 94

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